Youth Performance


Strength is the core of all our movements. Our strength exercises help develop your child’s ability to move fast under resistance, build correct posture, learn controlled breathing and create muscle endurance.


Whether they play a sport or   prefer the books, our agility training builds confidence in all types of kids! Through drills and fun competition, participants learn how to run, jump and move like an athlete.


Keeping kids safe and injury free is key! Our movements increase durability by strengthening ligaments and tendons and making stabilizers fast to support joints. This increases your child’s range of motion and flexibility.


While we focus on the individual to develop skills and correct deficits, we also encourage a strong team spirit. Learning to work in a team establishes confidence in oneself as a leader or contributor to a greater cause.

At Undisputed Strength Co., we developed our Youth Performance Program using the



Confidence is a key component toward the foundation of success.

Our coaches give kids consistent support through encouragement, which leads to confidence within. By complimenting and showing support at the first sign of success, the youth in our program become more receptive to direct coaching and then advance to be content within themselves.

Improving self-confidence, certainty and assurance is key in proper development. We believe that little victories add up, and that’s why our coaches are experts at consistently identifying the small yet significant steps each of our athletes takes


In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed further through hard work and dedication. Failing to meet expectations doesn’t make you a failure. Failing can be a stepping stone toward reaching your goal and ultimate vision.

In our Youth Program, we teach kids that when we don’t succeed, we must learn from it. Always move forward, never give up and believe you can do it! This view sparks a love of learning that is crucial for accomplishing greatness.

We coach a growth mindset which creates motivation and productivity in both sports and at school!


Let kids make decisions while providing them with a choice between positive alternatives. Let them choose between a banana and an apple, or which pair of pajamas to wear before bed. The point is to allow them to think for themselves, with guidance. This will consistently set them up for success they can proud of.

Decisions are beneficial to one’s character and are said to shape destiny, so we work with kids to instill this ability early on in our program.

Remember, repetition is everything. The more decisions they make as children under proper guidance, the more effective their decision making ability will become through adolescence.


Desire is the thought that leads successful individuals to follow dreams and accomplish goals. The power of belief must be instilled at a young age so that a person truly learns to visualize their own potential.

At Undisputed, we teach confidence through preparation, which is the basic blue print toward establishing goals and mapping out steps towards progress.

Challenges shouldn’t be intimidating, but remaining calm when presented with an uncomfortable situation is necessary.  Our coaches teach the definition of “staying the course” and the importance of following through on goals no matter how difficult it seems.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child have to be a Standout Athlete to train here?

 Absolutely NOT! We mentor and guide all those who are respectful, willing to learn and looking to consistently grow. Some of our best Success Stories are those who never touched a barbell prior to this training regimen.

What if my child doesn’t play a sport?

Great question!  Our training foundation is based on training LIKE an athlete.  With that, your child’s physique will change along with the mindset to dominate the playing field or life’s challenges.

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